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About Us

Our staff has years of experience working within the adult care industry in Central Florida.
Timika Washington-Julien,


Empowered Community Living is built on Success
through Care andOpportunity.

Empowered Community Living LLC. (ECL). operates out of Brevard County, Florida. The ECL mission is to assist individuals in living fulfilling lives through a wide-range of community-based services. From our support services for adults, life skills development and respite services. We help each individual grow and excel through all stages of life.

Our mission is to enrich the lives of individuals and families through outstanding community-based support and mutually rewarding relationships. The people we support and their families are our most valued customers. We start by making it all about them. Nothing makes us happier and prouder to see the individuals we assist every day become “Empowered’ by their own strength and integrity to become outstanding citizens in the community.

We recognize that the people we support are our primary “customers.” including family members, advocates, state agencies, and all interested stakeholders. We commit ourselves to listen to them, learn from them, and understand that their key requirements must guide our services. Through building relationships and consistently exceeding expectations, we will earn their trust and confidence to become their provider of choice.


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